Gate Crashers: When Did Freedom of Speech Stop Being Free?

Freedom of Speech Also Applies To Stuff You Don’t Like…

“People demand Freedom of Speech to make up for the Freedom of Thought that they seldom use”

— Soren Kierkegaard

DETROIT — There was a very distinct reason why I didn’t blog on the entire crap-sandwich that was the bogus/BS arrest of renown Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates until now. Primarily, I wanted to wait for all the facts to come spilling out about exactly what happened. Anyone who is a minority (and a fair amount of whites) in this country knows that one of their great nightmares is being accosted in their own home by Police Officers/Federal Agents. That’s especially scary when they have done absolutely nothing wrong. Well, when the Cambridge (Mass.) police suddenly chose to pay Dr. Gates a visit after a neighbor apparently mistook him for a burglar…breaking into his OWN home…things were already bad, but who knew it would end up with the man being led out of his own home in handcuffs after proving that he lived in the house!

My immediate thoughts about this incident was that the entire scene was life somewhat imitating art as Dave Chappelle joked about something similar to this happening in 1999:

Now from the pictures I have seen of Dr. Gates post-arrest, there doesn’t appear to be any crack sprinkled on him, but you get the point. This was a massive blunder by the Police, and one would figure Dr. Gates probably didn’t help the situation, because I know how loud black people can get. Trust me…I’m a Black man. The immediate reaction across the country was one of stunned shock in some circles, while in others (read: most segments of the black community) it was met with our requisite shaking of heads and utterances of “Same ole White people”.

The fact of the matter is that this incident was the perfect storm of two old stand-bys: Black men and The Police. And the Cambridge police were doing themselves no favors by refusing to apologize for the screw up (The disorderly conduct charges against Gates were quickly dropped). What made this entire episode even bigger was when the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was asked a question about the incident during his address on health care last Wednesday night. The President, who in case you didn’t know is Black, surprisingly gave a candid answer:

Immediately three things stuck out to me that made me respect this man a lot more than I already did:

  1. He actually answered the question!
  2. He acknowledged that he knew Dr. Gates and thus would be a little biased.
  3. He admitted not knowing the facts and offered an opinion.

Unlike the last jackass that we had dirtying up the office of POTUS the last eight years, President Obama shot straight and told the truth. The police did act “Stupidly” in this case. Whether or not Dr. Gates helped to escalate the problem, who knows, but the police response was poor. Very poor. What else was poor was the immediate response from those in certain sections of the media (Read: Fox News, Conservatives) were quick to turn on the fake outrage machine and act as if the President said something completely out of line and hateful. Many people going as far as to say that what the President said was “not presidential”.

This often brings me back to my biggest problem with this country. We are not a “Nation of Whiners” as John McCain’s buddy Phil Gramm called us last year, we are a nation of pussies. I know that may seem harsh, but it needs to be said. Since about 1992, this country has been scared to be honest with itself about a lot of things. I mean, we’ve been pussies about frank racial discussions for almost 50 years, but since the early 90s, we’ve allowed the pussification of America to infest how we deal with issues in everyday life. We take offense to EVERYTHING! Imagine if people were this damn sensitive in the 1960s and 1970s (even the 1980s)? Imagine MLK or Malcolm X, or The Panthers, or Gloria Steinem holding back on what they had to say for fear of offending some housewife in Iowa.

My point being, the fact that people expected the President to apologize to those cops because he might have hurt their feelings is ludicrous. The only thing that was worse is that he did apologize for it. The scariest thing about Freedom of Speech, and independent thought is that we don’t use it! We’re quick to tell someone “Don’t say that! That could be offensive to someone else.” I have a rule, if you need to have it explained to you for it to offend you, then it’s not really that offensive! Plus, you notice the people who are the most loose with the tongue are all these prejudiced and racist scumbags who happily spread their hate for all to see. They show no fear (or foresight, or common sense, for that matter). Apparently, the only people who consistently speak their minds with no fear of reprisal are those dirtbags Glenn Beck, Pat Buchanan, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. They spew some of the most vile, non-sensical, racist, bigoted, illogical BS on the planet on national radio and television everyday. Not only do they not apologize for it, they get even angrier and blame you for having an issue with it. And, of course, we back down like the pussies we are. In a sad, bizarre way, I actually kind of respect that.

Better example: Remember, the mouth-breathing hillbillies who were holding up stuffed monkeys during McCain/Palin rallies last fall? The hill-jacks who were constantly shrieking “Terrorist” and “Muslim” whenever the now-President’s name was raised. Did John McCain or Sarah Palin apologize for the behavior of their supporters, No! In fact, both went out of their way to blame Obama for it!

Meanwhile, instead of The President sticking to his guns and standing by his statement, he was made to apologize for speaking his mind, and has even agreed to have a “beer” with the cop and Professor Gates, for whatever that’s worth. For real though, since when did the POTUS need to explain himself or apologize for something he said? Especially when he was telling the truth! He’s the freakin’ President of the United States! I mean, this guy sure didn’t, and he spent a majority of his time lying to us. You mean to tell me THIS is “Presidential”?:

When this country was founded, one thing that made it stand out from other nations is our right to say whatever we want as long as it doesn’t start a riot or rally people to commit treason (which makes you wonder how Limbaugh is still able to go on air everyday). That means, occasionally people are going to say things that YOU won’t like. Please believe, there’s many a thing that has come out of someone’s mouth that I didn’t agree with. But I will never take away their right to say it. Turning on the “Fake Outrage” machine every time someone you don’t like says something you don’t like does nothing but infringe on their right to say it. You don’t have to agree with what the President, or Your Mother, or Your Pastor, or anyone else has to say if you don’t want to. That’s your right as an American. But, like it or not, it’s their right to say it, no matter how stupid and ill-thought it was.

I agree with what the President had to say, and feel he shouldn’t have caved into the pressure of these PC morons who got offended. As a country, we’ve been turned into a bunch of eunuchs because we don’t wanna offend some loser who is gonna be offended anyway. There is never One point of view. Speak your mind! It’s your right. If you agree with something, say it. If you don’t agree, then say it! But don’t expect me to tiptoe around you just because you don’t like what I have to say. Stop being a b*tch and take a stand! I’m Out!

Thank You For Your Time, Take Care, God Bless, Always Dare to Be Different, and G.O.M.A.B.

Until Next Time…Free Your Mind…and the Rest Will Follow. Σ

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5 thoughts on “Gate Crashers: When Did Freedom of Speech Stop Being Free?”

  1. Thanks for this post. I am personally tired of the constant whining and complaining by people in general. You can’t step on somebodies toe with out there being a toe steppers survivors parade. I’m sympathetic to some because I have my own issues I complain about lol. But I have also overcome a lot. People need a reason to be upset 24 hours a day. Some people live to find things wrong to point out. I wish people would get a grip and realize things could be much worse. As far as the Skip Gates thing, it was probably the dumbest thing possible and those policemen will live in infamy for it but I hope people don’t start stirring up the We shall overcomes and making excuses to stir up drama. I’m ranting lol. Great writing as usual.


  2. Obama was wrong. He is alienating whites who still make up 80% of voters. And he is reminding everyone of David Dinkens and other luckless black politicians. It’s also a dubious principal that blacks can scream racist at cops doing their job in the name of free speech. If he were white and the cop were black and he called the cop a nigger, we’d have CNN specials about how much free speech is too much.


    1. First off, let’s be real here. Having seen your blog (and judging from where you are from), you likely didn’t vote for President Obama anyway. So there’s an obvious bias there. Secondly, and normally I don’t say things like this, but if you white people hadn’t started this whole “racism” thing, perhaps we Black people (who do overuse the race card) wouldn’t hide behind it.

      Saying these cops acted “stupidly” didn’t translate to “All white cops are stupid”. The whole “He’s alienating white people” argument is laughable! He NEVER referenced Race. EVER! The people who brought race into it were these conservative dirtbags (that I have referenced) who are just looking for a reason to get the simpletons all riled up against that Negro President you didn’t want in there anyway.

      The fact of the matter is, Obama wasn’t your choice. Most of the people who have an issue with this phony outrage are Conservatives who didn’t vote for him anyway, and won’t vote for him again. The same conservatives who have spent years trying to shout down dissent against the war and other issues while hiding behind the constitution which guarantees free speech. So please, let’s not go there…


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