Idle Time: Random Thoughts from Jay Scott Pt. 1

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“People who say they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don’t care what people think”

— George Carlin

DETROIT — Greetings everyone. For just over a month I have been littering this site with bloggage that was ranging through different topics. However, every blog has stuck to one subject. In the last few days, my mind has been kinda scrambled and I have a lot of crap to get out there, but none of it (save for one, that you will read later) could conceivably carry an entire blog. So it’s time for my first of likey “Random Thoughts” blogs. This time around, it’ll be a list of stuff that has been grinding my proverbial gears, except for this first one.

  • Last Friday, I had the honor of hanging out with the homies from Detroit CYDI, check them out at The CYDIBlog, along with Stryfe and the entire Illiance fam (minus Marc Byrd). They performed their biggest show ever at Comerica Park during the 2009 Warped Tour. If you haven’t had a chance to check these guys out, here’s a sample of what they can do. Big ups on the performance, and it’s time for you knuckleheads to start getting paid for this rap sh*t! REAL TALK.
  • The Detroit Tigers are quite possibly the most aggravating first place team in the History of Major League Baseball. This team may have the lamest offense this side of the 2008 Detroit Lions. It’s almost riot-inducing to see this team put runners on 2nd and 3rd with less than two (and often less than one) out, only to come up empty or at best, with one measly run. If it weren’t for them having one of the illest and most underrated pitching staffs in the game (Verlander, Jackson, Washburn, Porcello), the Tigers would be chillin’ in the AL Central basement with Cleveland (who just beat them 2 out of 3) and Kansas City. Speaking of Edwin Jackson, the All-Star pitcher who has the second best ERA in the American League at 2.63, it’s almost criminal that this man is only 7-5! He has had four wins taken away from him when the bullpen imploded after he left with a lead, plus he has also had games where he has given up two or fewer runs, and got no love from the bats! Ridiculous. That being said…
  • The Detroit Tigers are in first place in the American League Central on August 3. Considering this time last year, they were plummeting into last place, I will gladly take where they are right now. To listen to all the whiny little babies here in Detroit talk about them, you’d think this was the Worst First Place team of All Time. That’s already BS, because the Tigers lost to the worst first place team of all-time in the 2006 World Series! (Or some would argue they lost to the worst of all time in the 1987 American League Championship Series). Does this Tiger team have flaws? Absolutely! They couldn’t hit water if they fell off a boat right now. Their bullpen is suspect. Their closer is a mental midget. They don’t have a truly reliable 5th starter, they have a rookie as their 4th, and just traded to get a third starter. They are an abysmal 23-33 on the road (only Cleveland and KC are worse). Yet, every day since May 15, the Tigers have been in First Place! Not Minnesota, who is currently 3rd. Not the White Sox (who spent exactly 18 hours tied with the Tigers 10 days ago, before coming to the D and catching three straight Ls). In spite of this, all the reporters, fairweather fans, and slappies in DETROIT, are constantly saying “They can’t win”, and “The White Sox/Twins Are Better”. Look at the AL Central Standings, and who is at the top of the list: Detroit! If Chicago and Minnesota, who have been in a fist-fight over second place for over two months, were so damn good, you’d have thought one or both teams would’ve caught them by now…right? For now, the Tigers are the leaders in the clubhouse, and I don’t mean Woods!
  • (This likely will be a longer blog in the near future) I would like to say that I am shocked that there are still people in this country (mostly south of the Mason-Dixon) who are still stuck on the bullsh*t that President Barack Obama is Not a natural-born American Citizen, but overall, I’m not. What startles me a little are the gutless coward Republican members of the House who are apart of this growing group of lunatics. They have been called “Birthers”, because of their penchant for demanding to see the President’s birth certificate, as if it has never been seen. Their insistence is that the President was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. His dad was. He wasn’t. Get over it! He Won. Screw You! The biggest thing that sticks out about all these clowns is that they are simply Sore Losers. Never mind that the guy a lot of these people wanted to win last year, John McCain, was NOT born in the United States! Bill Maher basically illustrated my point on this better than I could last week:
  • Training camp just started for the Detroit Lions, who have that stench of 0-16 (and 1-23) hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles, last week in Allen Park. The big controversy is whether to start slimmed down veteran Duante Culpepper or over-hyped rookie Matthew Stafford. My pick is ride the veteran Culpepper to start the season and see where it goes. The Lions have a new Head Coach (Jim Schwartz) along with new offensive (Scott Linehan) and defensive (Gunther Cunningham) coordinators. Linehan has worked magic with Culpepper back when he was lighting up the NFL with Randy Moss in Minnesota. If things jump off better than expected for the Lions, ride Culpepper. If they go south, send the rookie in there. The Lions, at best, will win 6 games this year, but since the NFL has seen numerous teams in this decade go from the outhouse to the penthouse and back in just a year, you never assume anything is impossible. Hell, a team went WINLESS a year after another team went Undefeated (until the Super Bowl)!
  • And No, I’m not at all sold on the new hotness, Matthew Stafford. He wasn’t that impressive in college. If Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and Sam Bradford had chosen to come out of college early, Stafford would’ve been lucky to be picked in the first two rounds. All I continue to hear about Stafford is how great of a “deep ball” he throws in practice. To let Rod Marinelli tell it last year, the Lions were the greatest team in league history in Practice. Hell, Joey Harrington threw a great deep ball in Practice. What are we talking about? PRACTICE!? Let’s see Stafford in some kind of game action before handing him anything!
  • Sarah Palin officially resigned as Alaska’s governor last week, then had the nerve to say she’s not a Quitter! WTF!? Nothing says, “I’m fighting for you” quite like resigning to pursue your own ambitions. That’s like an NBA team claiming never to give up, then quitting at halftime. Is she a quitter and a joke: You Betcha!
  • Brett Favre Retired last week…yawn. This guy will be damn near 70 trying to play, and there will be some dummies trying to sign him. Brett needs to just  throw on his Wrangler jeans, go call up his boys, play some backyard football, and get poor Rachel Nichols off his lawn and out of that ESPN sleeping bag. Pedro Gomez outside of Barry Bonds’ house thinks this is overkill.
  • Finally, the Detroit Primary Election (the regularly scheduled one) is tomorrow. There are a total of 167 people running for the 9 tarnished seats on the Detroit City Council. It’s difficult for me to jump behind anyone right now because, well, there are 167 of those MFers to choose from. s it stands, three of the seats are essentially open with Barbara-Rose Collins and Sheila Cockrell stepping down, and Monica Conyers (who is still on the ballot, but ineligible to serve) on her way to jail. And a large amount of the people running are no better than the miscreants who are on the council right now. While I can’t make a call on who I think is best for the council, the herd needs to be substantially thinned out, I can say this much, I don’t want to see Martha Reeves anywhere near the November Ballot! Nor do we need anymore criminals, tax cheats, or black nationalists out there either (Sorry JoAnn Watson and Kwame Kenyatta). I know this is asking a ton, but can we actually get some people on the council with low-key names, real experience, education, and some good ideas!? I know that’s asking a lot of Detroit voters, but dammit can we get it halfway right for once!?

And there you have it. I have done a good old-fashioned brain dump and I’m comin’ out feelin’ about 10 pounds lighter! Thanks once again for your time and for making July an incredible month for Jay Scott Confidential! Let’s do it bigger n August!

Take Care, God Bless, Always Dare to Be Different, and G.O.M.A.B.!

Until Next Time…I’m Steady MAB-bin! Σ

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  2. i like that George Carlin quote and i promise one day ima really be up on sports–i have this dream that i guess i dont really wish to pursue to know about baseball and basketball. football i tried and it still just seems like a bunch of guys flippin, jumpin, and mashing into each other..i dunno. anyway, tis all!


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