Fear of a Black President: How Health Care and Fear Don’t Mix…

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…

Often fear of one evil leads us into a worse.

—Nicholas Boileau-Despresaux

DETROIT — As I have spent the last couple of weeks being completely mesmerized by the clusterfudge that has become the debate turned debacle associated with the proposed health care bill, I cannot help but find a disturbing amount of humor in this entire thing. Most of you (well, the grown ups anyway) have seen the angry mob-like scenes at town hall meetings the past couple of weeks. Hordes of belligerent, angry White people frantically screaming at the top of their lungs about such big words as “Fascism”, and “Socialism”, and crying about how their rights are “being taken away from them” and my personal favorite: “I Want MY Country Back“. That last little ditty was shrieked at a town hall meeting in Arkansas. My initial response to all this buffoonery was “Are you (blank)ing kiddin’ me!?”

Now please believe, it’s not that I’m totally stunned or shocked or appalled by the people at these meetings. Lest we forget, I grew up in Detroit. I have been watching Black people around here get whipped into a nice, rich, thick lather of ignorance, anger, racism, and irrational paranoia for as long as I can remember. Hell, this city has been governed by fear and paranoia of the phantom “White man” coming to “steal its jewels” since about 1975. However, the thing that’s most telling, and rather humorous, about all these “Patriots” and “Real Americans” is that these are the same people who tacitly allowed George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to lie to them and make various attempts to violate their civil liberties in the last eight years. And a lot of these Republican Senators, Congressmen, and Governors, you know, the same ones crying about “Death Panels” and “Socialism” now, sat idly by and let them do it (or open participated in it)!

I mean just think about the insanity we’ve been seeing on the news. All these “protesters” that have been screaming about President Obama “taking away their rights” and get their Confederate flag panties in a bunch over Nancy Pelosi calling their actions “Un-American”, were the same ones who labeled anyone who had a problem with the war in Iraq “Terrorist Sympathizers” and “Un-American”. These same people who are complaining about “Free Speech” are the same ones who tried to have any journalist who uncovered info about Bush & Company lying about WMDs or what they knew about 9/11 blacklisted and silenced. The same people who claim Obama is trying to “Gather up a list of your e-mail addresses so he can spy on you”, seemed to have no problem when Bush was illegally wiretapping innocent American citizens and intercepting their e-mails! They bleat, bitch, and whine about how Obama is “like Hitler”, yet Bush & Co. were essentially trying to run the United States like a second-rate Communist dictatorship: Stifling dissent, spying on its citizens, rigging elections, and torturing people. Until Barack Obama starts herding Jews into concentration camps and systematically starts trying to impose his agenda upon other countries by force, I’ll leave the Swastikas and “SS” signs at the crib. Besides, we’ve never had a President who invaded another country in search of its resources, but going in under the guise of trying to protect the country and spread democracy and free…oh, wait, ummm…nevermind…

The tenor of these town halls is reminiscent of those days leading up to the Iraq war seven years ago. The only difference is that the people doing all the screaming and stifling then were the proponents of the war. They were able to basically strip people of their right to free speech, and that’s what they are doing again. The boorish, vitriolic, and violent behavior was best illustrated when Rachel Maddow said on MSNBC: “This is the battle between the people who want health care reform, and the people who don’t even want this conversation to happen!” And they’re willing to pull out all the stops to make sure we can’t even discuss it like mature adults. Then again, considering the mentality of a lot of these people, according to one protester in Pennsylvania (a teacher no less), apparently these bills need to be written so a 6th grader can understand them. Because God forbid we expect you people to actually aspire to at least read at a 9th grade level. I swear, trying to make sense of what these people are saying would be like trying to transcribe a conversation between Ozzy Osbourne and The Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

What is truly disturbing about all this is that it has given the talking head freak shows like Rush Limbaugh (who openly compares Democrats to Nazis) and Glenn Beck (who insisted that the President has a “deep-seated hatred of white people”, in spite of being the son of a white woman and being raised by his White grandparents) all the ammunition they need to get their twisted message out to the increasingly ignorant public. The whole basis for this trip on the Fear-mongering Express are all the unfounded rumors about the proposed changes in health care. Some of them are just slightly off base, such as the notion that people would be forced into government-run health care, when they are simply given the option. This is better suited for the nearly 50 Million Americans (myself included) who don’t have health insurance. The government is not coming to take your health care away from you…selfish bastards…

All this other BS about “Death Panels” (© Sarah Palin, Facebook Blogger, R-Alaska) and “Pulling the Plug on Grandma” (© Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa) does nothing but stir up the latent anger and irrational fear in people who already weren’t smart enough to understand the language in the bill or are against any and everything Obama does regardless. You have people who actually want to speak in a calm and educated manner being bullied at town halls.

You have assholes showing up with knives and strapped with 9s at town hall meetings. The latter was seen holding up a sign with an infamous quote from President Thomas Jefferson that read The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” The reasoning from some of these wing-nuts (on the Right and Left) is that somehow, Obama has “taken away” people’s rights. I would like to know what rights has President Obama taken from you? (Don’t Worry, I’ll Wait!). That quote, along with the imagery of the ass-clown in Army fatigues with a 9mm strapped to his leg (albeit legally), could essentially serve as a death threat against the POTUS, which is a federal crime. Plus, that same quote was on the front of the t-shirt that Timothy McVeigh was wearing the morning he blew up the federal building Oklahoma City 14 years ago. It traditionally hasn’t taken much in this country to rile up an already angry white man and lead him to do something crazy.

There is also a distinct undercurrent of racism and prejudice with these protests. All that many of these people (especially the Southerners who still inexplicably think the POTUS is NOT an American citizen) needed was any half-assed reason to call the President everything short of a “Nigger”, “Coon”, “Spook” or “Jungle Bunny”. This health care debate got going, these GOP/Right Wing along clowns, along with these “Civil Libertarian” knuckleheads, started the Conspiracy machine, and it was officially Go Time!

Numerous people, including a number of sensible Republicans, have lamented that they wish people could actually act like civilized adults and have a frank, upfront, and honest discussion about an issue that’s 1,000x more important than national security. But until a fair amount of these people stop getting their news from places like Fox News and Facebook (and for real, WTF does Sarah Palin’s opinion about anything matter!? This dizzy broad quit her gig as Governor of a frozen redneck state to become a Facebook Blogger!? Word…) and stop believing everything that the likes of Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh tell them about Obama’s clandestine Tyrannical Socialist Movement (a term half of these people can’t spell, let alone tell you what it is), we’re gonna have many more nights of screaming, yelling, and spray-painted swastikas. It’s not God Bless America…It’s God Help America!

Thank You For Your Time. Take Care. God Bless. Always Dare To Be Different, and G.O.M.A.B.!

Until Next Time…Close Your Mouths and Open Your Minds. Σ

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