Fear of a Black President II: You Must Learn…

♦ Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Step In The Classroom…♦

“An Educated Man is Always The Most Dangerous. Why do you think people try so hard to keep us dumb?”

—Christine Smith, aka Mom Dukes.

DETROIT — When I was in high school, oh so many years ago, every day before third hour  we would sit in class and watch this mini-newscast called Channel 1. Channel 1 usually talked about the major stories of the previous day and was anchored by a couple of familiar names: Lisa Ling and Anderson Cooper. It lasted between 5 and 10 minutes, and it was mainly a waste of the first few minutes of class. When we would have guest speakers in class, usually city officials or someone giving a special presentation, it would usually hold our attention for about 5-15 minutes, before we were off in our own world (I would usually be writing poetry, or drawing up football plays). However, if the President of the United States (who at the time was Bill Clinton) wanted to come speak to us, or  had an important message for the nation’s students, I can guarantee it would’ve been met with anything ranging from approval from parents to random indifference. Same thing would’ve applied to any of the other presidents of my lifetime: Carter, Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Strangely though, when President Barack Obama decided to give an opening day speech to the nation’s students about the importance of education, something that everyone not named Sarah Palin claims they are in agreement is a positive thing, it kicked off another edition of the fake outrage machine, this time driven by the right wing-nuts Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and the rest of the Republican Party and sponsored by News Corp and Fox News. And of course, thousands fell for it.

The entire crap sandwich started innocently enough when it was announced that the POTUS was planning on addressing kids with a speech meant to inspire them to stay in school, work hard, and get good grades. The rest will work itself out. In a day and age where high school dropout rates are increasing everywhere, with Detroit being #1 in that category (congratulations), there’s no better time for the POTUS to take a stand and try to encourage the trend to stop. That cued up the right wing fear and smear machine to get rolling with more of this paranoid nonsense about what Obama’s true “agenda” was with this speech. Because obviously a Harvard educated man couldn’t possibly just want to encourage kids to stay in school! Many on the right, led by Beck and the other lunatic screamers, immediately claimed that Obama’s speech (which no one other than Obama had seen) was going to be a political speech meant to “influence kids to align themselves with Democrats”. Again, NO ONE HAD SEEN THE SPEECH! I’m just wondering if all these clown shoes had a problem with their patron saint Ronald Reagan going in front of a classroom full of kids in 1988 and saying that taxes are “such a penalty on people that there’s no incentive for them to prosper because they have to give so much to the government.” But that’s not political!

This entire thing is an extension of this campaign by Right-Wing Conservatives, and the simpletons who support them, who are going out of their way to disrespect and invalidate the President of the United States. These are bitter sore losers who are willing to make themselves look like petulant, paranoid, spoiled children just so they can one up the legally and fairly elected President. These are the same mouth-breathers who arrogantly demanded that the President prove that he was a US citizen, in spite of the fact that he already did. They openly compare him to Hitler and call him a Nazi and Socialist, despite the fact that these idiots couldn’t actually tell you what a socialist is. When they compare Obama to Hitler, it is in a serpentine, six-degrees-of-separation manner that makes no sense what so ever. Hell, Glenn Beck even accused the president of having a “deep-seated hatred of white people”. You know, the President who’s mother is white, and was raised by his white grandparents. But of course, if they said it on Fox News, it’s gotta be true…right? I mean, they say they are “Fair and Balanced!” Ugh…they are about as balanced as Aretha Franklin and Me on the scales of justice.

The more disturbing thing about this were all of the indignant parents who were organizing other parents to “protest” this speech and many were either pressuring schools not to show the speech and even pulling their kids OUT OF SCHOOL, for fear of, as Jim Greer, the head of the Florida Republican Party, put it, “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.” That a-hole likely doesn’t know what “indoctrinate” even means, let alone “Socialist”. Stay at your pay grade, pimp. So you have all these screaming paranoid right-wingers and these simpleton soccer moms and southerners pulling their kids out of school so they don’t have to be exposed to this radical, leftist, fascist, marxist, black nationalist, socialist Obama’s secretly evil speech to poison children’s minds…and what does he say to them: “This isn’t just important for your own life and your own future. What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country. What you’re learning in school today will determine whether we as a nation can meet our greatest challenges in the future.” That Left Wing Son of A Bitch! How dare you tell kids that learning is cool! That’s something those “East Coast Elites” and those sissies in college would say!

Seriously though, there were some indignant parents who said “Who the hell does the President think he is to tell our kids to stay in school!? That’s our job!” Well, it’s about time you started doing it. And besides, he’s the President of the United States. He can say or do whatever he wants! At least that’s the precedent that was set by the previous dictatorship, you know the one that these squealing losers voted for twice as he ruined this country’s economy, crippled its military, tortured POWs, spied on its citizens, and attempted to make civil liberties and civil rights optional. Hell, for all of his negative qualities, the one quality that G.W. Bush had that I wish Barack Obama would inherit was that “I don’t have to tell you sh*t, just shut the f*ck up” trait. As the POTUS, regardless of who he is, he should be respected, if not the man, the position itself. But this reaction from these brain-dead parents who believe anything that Fox News tells them are essentially saying “I don’t care if he’s the President or not, that Nigger is not going to tell me how to raise my kids!”

Remember, these were people who were willing to vote for a simpleton like Sarah Palin and often deride those who are educated as “elites” and insist that those lesser educated and worldly people who live in rural areas and suburbia are “real Americans.” What is really American is this consistent Conservative agenda to dumb down and mentally cripple this country through a campaign of paranoia and irrational fear. The President had originally suggested that students draft letters to themselves discussing “what they can do to help the president.” The aforementioned wing-nut Greer thought that the President was “using the kids to forward his agenda.” Well, yes he was. His “agenda” is to PROMOTE EDUCATION…Fool! Furthermore, the fact that there were thousands of parents who actually kept their kids home from school out of “fear” of this message are even bigger idiots than Beck, Greer, Malkin, and the rest because they got the reaction that they were looking for. They started shrieking “The Sky is Falling!!!” and you dummies went out and bought hard hats and umbrellas.

I used a quote from my mom to start this blog and I will bring it full circle. My mother dedicated nearly 40 years of her life to teaching. Education was, and still is, in her heart and in her DNA. My mother is the first person in my family to have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and is the ONLY member of my family with a Master’s Degree. She is one of the main reasons that I am the way I am. When I was a kid, I obviously thought school was boring. But once I got to high school at Renaissance, then onto college at Michigan State, and furthermore once I got into Grad School at Wayne State, I saw education as an asset. Why? Because my mom had her teacher foot up my ass! That’s why! I am the first (and to date, only) man with a Bachelor’s Degree in my family, and I would be the first man, and second person, to score a post-Graduate degree in my family. If it sounds like I am proud of this, you would be right. Conservatives would call people like my mom “elitists”. I call her an inspiration. Education is important to all of us in this damn country. Real Americans get degrees! George W. Bush claimed that by invading Iraq, he was protecting America. The way to safeguard and protect this country is by educating the youth of this country now and setting up a far better foundation! Like My mom has told me time and time again, “Education is the deadliest weapon!”

And one more thing…I wonder how all those simple MFers who took their kids out of school to protect them from a speech that was encouraging their kids to value their education and stay in school, can look at those same kids with a straight face and tell them to work hard and value education? Just something for you to think about.

Thank You For Your Time. Take Care. God Bless. Always Dare To Be Different. And…G.O.M.A.B!

Until Next Time…Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Every One! Σ

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3 thoughts on “Fear of a Black President II: You Must Learn…”

  1. Please, that was not the original speech Obama was initially going to give to our children….and what about the homework assignment afterward. It was all intended to be a “look at me I’m talking again” photo op.

    Now, I will admit, he used a lot of “I’s” and “me’s” and “mine” in this speech that way suppose to be about “them”.

    It could have been a good thing…


    1. Ok then, know it all, what was the original speech? I mean, since you just know that wasn’t what he was intending to say? And the “homework assignment” was just that! He was asking for INPUT! Unlike the previous President, he actually cares about education. Perhaps, I dunno, he would actually read the letters, considering people write congressmen, senators, and other elected officials everyday. Paranoia and Fear would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad.

      And even better, if this were G. W. Bush giving the same speech, would you be as skeptical?


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