Pardon The Interruption: Respect Takes a Vacation…

Just Because You Think It, Doesn’t Mean You Have To Say It…

“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”

— Jackie Robinson

DETROIT — I will be the first to admit that I have not always been the nicest guy in the world nor have I always said the nicest things. I freely admit that I have been an asshole at various stretches of my now 30 years and, as such, I know an asshole when I see one. Last week we were introduced to three different kinds of asshole behavior on three very different but public arenas. Each was egregious in its own special way and included a brand new face, one you unexpectedly saw lose it, and one of the usual suspects. Obviously I’m talking about Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S. Carolina), Tennis Superstar Serena Willams, and Rapper/Producer/Egomaniac Kanye West. Each of them acted like an a-hole last week. But there are varying levels of asshole-edness that were exemplified by each of them last week, and what better place than JSC than to break it down. This is a non-scientific analysis of the level of true asshole that each of these people exemplified in the last week ranking from 3 down to 1 (With #1 being the most offensive).

#3: Serena Williams will Kill You! Now when I saw what occurred at the U.S. Open Women’s Semi-finals last Saturday (that’s after I stopped destroying my bedroom after Michigan State lost to Central Michigan), I was rather astonished by how intimidating Serena Williams is. We’re talking Linebacker intimidating. I mean, she’s an incredible tennis player, winner of numerous championships, and was a favorite to win another U.S. Open title. However, she was in the midst of a stunning loss to Kim Clijsters when late in the second set, already down 5-4 and 40-15 in the 10th game, Serena was called for the foot fault (stepping on the baseline during a serve) heard ’round the world. Serena was hit with a double fault and docked a point, thus moving Clijsters to match point. As we all know, Serena spazzed out and threatened to “shove this fucking ball” down the “fucking throat” of the lineswoman who called the double fault. In doing so, she was hit for a code violation (tennis’ version of a technical foul) and docked another point. Game. Set. Match. Now did Serena horribly overreact and lose her cool? Yes. Was it very classless and tasteless? Yes. Was it Funny? Very. Was it one of the most horrible things to ever occur during a sporting event? Hardly. Now don’t get me wrong, it was pretty damn startling to see an angered Serena Williams spewing F-bombs at a woman half her size on national television. But before all the tennis slaps get their white shorts in a bunch about their precious and refined sport, the man who was calling the match on CBS was John “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS” McEnroe. This man said far worse things back in the 1970s and 1980s. Plus, if the mics that are on the court during NBA games were a little stronger, you might not be able to let small children watch those games with all the filth, flarn, and filth that flies out there. Basically Serena took it back to Compton, and went all Rasheed Wallace on a line judge. Classless, dumb, but not horridly offensive. A-hole Level: Intercontinental Champion

#2: “I’mma Let You Finish…” We have known since about 2004 that Kanye West is, at most mild estimates, an arrogant, obnoxious, self-indulgent, self-promoting, egomaniacal, insecure a-hole with a severe Napoleonic complex and is a whore for the pub like fat people are whores for the grub. Whether it’s his consistent grandstanding at award shows, his incessant bragging in his songs, or his bizarre behavior (ex: attacking a photographer in an airport last year; declaring himself the “New King of Pop”), he consistently makes himself the center of attention, whether you like it or not. It’s not to say the dude isn’t talented. I argue, he is a far underrated beat maker considering the body of work that he has been apart of. His lyrical skills have greatly improved over the past few years as well. His biggest problem, and the thing that makes it tough for me and many others to respect his talent, is the fact that he’s such an irresponsible, egomaniacal prick. In an industry built on arrogance, when you are told to tone it down, that says something! This brings us back to that spectacle on Sunday night at the VMAs. Kanye West might have legitimately thought Beyonce got jobbed out of the award. Hell, there are many people who probably did (I honestly couldn’t have cared less). However, the second he ran onto that stage and took the mic out of an unsuspecting Taylor Swift’s hand, the silver medal “oh shit!” moment of 2009 was officially on. In one fell swoop, Kanye West:

1. Made himself the center of attention.

2. Completely threw Beyonce under the bus an accomplice.

3. Completely upstaged Taylor Swift.

4. Alienated a large amount of the fan base that keeps him paid (i.e. White people).

5. Pissed off every single performer in the place.

6. Detonated Twitter and Facebook. That’s not a bad night if you can pull that off!

Seriously though, Kanye went too damn far, so far that even HE realized it. I mean, could you imagine during the trophy presentation at the Super Bowl back in February, as the commissioner is handing the Lombardi Trophy to the Steelers, Tom Brady suddenly pops up on the stage, grabs the mic from Ben Roethlisberger and says “I’m gonna let you finish, but I gotta say that the 2004 New England Patriots were the greatest team of all-time!” That would likely start a riot on the field! Kanye overstepped his bounds and for the first time got some legit heat for it. People have been enabling this clown’s behavior for the last five years, including the infamous “Bush/Katrina” moment in 2005, and he’s used to people either ignoring it, or chalking it up to Kanye being Kanye. His rambling, teary-eyed response on Jay Leno last night didn’t do him too many favors, but it likely generated what he was ultimately looking for: Publicity! The collateral damage to Beyonce was averted because of her “touching” moment where T. Swift got to finish her speech, and Taylor got more pub in 36 hours than she has in 36 months. WIN goes to Taylor. PLACE goes to Beyonce. and a big fat-ass FAIL (complete with the Price is Right Loser Music) goes to Kanye West. Next time you get up there, at least say that “Kanye is for the Children!” or something? (P.S.: Beyonce’s video was NOT the greatest of all time. This one was!). A-hole Level: World Heavyweight Champion

#1: “You Lie!” While Serena Williams broke Tennis decorum with her tirade, and Kanye West broke award show kayfabe (Pro Wrestling Term Alert!) by interrupting Taylor Swift, what Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina did last week was far and away one of the most disrespectful moments in modern U.S. history. When Wilson interjected the simple two-word exclamation “You Lie!” toward the President of the United States during his speech to a joint session of Congress, he exposed a very ugly side to this continued attempt by the Right Wing to invalidate and totally disrespect the fairly elected President of the United States, Barack Obama. I’m not saying that Mr. Wilson was not within his first amendment rights to disagree with what the President was saying (BTW: The President was telling the truth), but to scream at him as if you are some screwball at a health care town hall meeting speaks to the lack of respect he has for the President and the office itself. No matter what any of the members of Congress thought about the bullshit factory that W. Bush was running out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., none of them were brazen, ballsy, or crazy enough to call him a liar when he was talking about the WMDs and Iraq’s connection to 9/11. You know, even though he was actually lying! Hell, those Republicans didn’t have the stones to scream “liar” at Bill Clinton when he got caught lying about BJs from fat interns! Yet these assholes, which also included other GOP “grown-ups” holding up handwritten signs and Congressman Eric Cantor texting someone while the President was speaking, feel that it’s cool to just openly disrespect Barack Obama.

Compounding matters is that Wilson gave the President a half-assed apology and still insists that he was lying, despite evidence clearly showing he wasn’t. At least Kanye apologized and made it snappy! Wilson is the face of this continued disrespectful, paranoid, borderline treasonous movement (led by the likes of that terrorist Glenn Beck) to unseat and undermine the President for a myriad of reasons, ranging from just being sore losers to being flat out racist. The fact that this guy still has a job is astounding. But for him to step down would mean he actually has some semblance of class, which is very clearly not the case. A-hole Level: Hall of Fame!

In closing, I’m not perfect. I have done some seriously a-holeish things in my life. The thing is that you recognize it and try to not to do the same things again. What has occurred in the last week is an example of a decline in decorum and common sense. People used to have home training. People used to just know better, and to be fair, many still do. But to see these sort of examples, along with the countless others, of people just freely being uncivil, rude, and downright disrespectful toward others, and for it to be so prevalent speaks to a continued moral decay in this country. We need to start to reel this sort of thing in before something really bad happens to someone soon. But, hey, what the hell to I know!? I’m just an asshole with a blog and plenty of time on his hands.

Thank You For Your Time. Take Care. God Bless. Always Dare To Be Different…and G.O.M.A.B.!

Until Next Time…Stay Classy Bloggosphere! Σ

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