#JSC Quickie: So You Had a Bad Day…

UPDATE (7:15 p EDT): A.J. Clemente was fired by KFYR shortly after the original Blog went up. Damn, Homie.

Apparently, dropping a double-barrell profanity bomb as two of the first three words you ever utter in the business is an easy way to end up out of it. He has already had Opie & Anthony reach out to have him on their show and he’s seemingly garnered the support of Twitter with the hashtag #HireAJ being passed around. He also took time to elaborate on the “gay” that was heard before his famous two words:

Either way, best of luck to this cat. If anything, it can only get better from here…right?


Original Post (10:45a EDT)

BISMARCK, N.D. (JSC) — From the wonderful world of the interwebs came this cautionary piece of TV Gold from Bismarck, N.D. NBC Affiliate KFYR. Last night, right at the start of their 5p Newscast, new anchor A.J. Clemente made his debut behind the desk. To say things didn’t go well was an understatement. Apparently distracted or frustrated by a glitch in the video, Clemente — not realizing that his mic was hot — muttered a phrase that may or may not have started with “Gay” (dude, that’s not cool) but definitively ended in “f–kin’ shit!” The phrase clearly stunned his on-air partner, Van Tieu, and led to a wonderfully awkward moment that exploded on Twitter and went right into the YouTube News Gaffe Hall of Fame.

You know it’s hilariously bad when Deadspin picks it up. As a guy who has been in radio for eight years, one of my fears when I started in the business was having a moment that A.J. had. Remember, if you’re in a room with mics, assume that they’re hot. Yikes.

If you look at this young man’s Twitter feed (@ClementeAJ), you could tell he was geeked out of his head (and nervous as shit) about getting this gig out in literally the middle of no where.

Now, he’s been suspended and there’s no clue if or when he’ll ever be back. I’m guessing he won’t anchor for a while, Just a hunch, I know:

Here’s hoping this poor bastard gets one more (I stress ONE more) shot to get it right. Or, at least, Daniel Tosh gives him a Web Redemption on Tosh.0.

Take Care out there people and Have a great Monday.

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