#TBT on #JSC (April 25, 2013): “Don’t Curse”

What We’re Gonna Do Here Is Go Back…

DETROIT (JSC) — Good Thursday Morning people! As #JSC continues to expand and evolve into being more than your average blog site, I’ve decided to debut something new. Well, I mean, it’s new for this site. Anyone who is on Instagram and Twitter knows that Thursdays have become a refuge for a boatload of pictures of people from as far back as the womb to (strangely) as recent as the day before with the wonderfully witty hashtag #TBT, which stands for Throwback Thursday. Welp, on this here site, I shall have a different tack for #TBT here on #JSC. I will not inundate you with pictures of my horribly adorable self as a kid. Instead, I’m pulling out classic movie clips, TV shows, sports moments, commercials, of course music, especially Hip-Hop. As you would expect, that’s where we’re going for the first installment of #TBTonJSC. Let’s Go.

I'm old enough to remember when THESE didn't appear on rap albums.
I’m old enough to remember when THESE didn’t appear on rap albums.

On Monday, I dropped a quickie on everyone’s favorite hapless news man, A.J. Clemente, and his disastrous first — and only — night as an anchor. Well, for today’s #TBTonJSC, I take it back to 1991 and pull up a true classic from the late Heavy D called “Don’t Curse“. It featured an all-star cast of MCs (and youngsters, these gentlemen are MCs, not these clowns you listen to today): Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, Q-Tip, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. The song came out right around the time period where the now commonplace “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics” stickers started being placed on (predominantly Hip-Hop) albums by the RIAA. It was done as a tongue-in-cheek way of poking fun at them. So today, in honor of A.J. Clemente, #TBTonJSC presents Heavy D & Friends and “Don’t Curse”

Have a great Thursday, people. Be sure to tell a friend about #JSC. And Don’t Forget Not to Curse!

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