#TBT on #JSC (May 2, 2013): Krossed Out

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DETROIT (JSC) — Like most people in today’s digital age, I am an avid connoisseur of iTunes. As a child of the 80s and 90s, I came up on cassettes and later CDs, but once it got to about 2002 and I had long since discovered Napster, I needed a better way to keep what at one point was over 3,000 CDs and another 800 or so tapes in check. That’s when I was introduced to iTunes and got my first iPod in 2005. It was on like Donkey Kong from there. Over time, I learned how to create “smart playlists”  and my inner program director was born. I don’t need Pandora. I have 5,500 songs at my disposal. I have playlists on my iPhone which include 70s & 80s Classics“, “90s R&B“, “Detroit Music“, and my personal favorite “The Golden Age of Hip-Hop.” The one playlist I have that I hate updating — despite it having some incredible music on it — is the In Memory Of… playlist, which consists of artists who have passed away or groups that have lost a member. Unfortunately, late last night, I had to add Kris Kross to that list. This #TBTonJSC, shows love to a dude gone too soon.

Courtesy Demetria Irwin. Check her out at Love Is Dope.
Courtesy Demetria Irwin. Check her out at Love Is Dope.

I was seven months away from my 13th birthday when “Jump” debuted on Feb. 6, 1992. It was immediately one of the coolest rap songs I’d ever heard that wasn’t full of profanity (I was a big fan of Ice Cube at the time). The beat was crazy, the hook was infectious, and unlike “Another Bad Little Fad”, the boys could actually spit. The vibe of the song basically reminded me of Cypress Hill’s How I Could Just Kill A Man, except it was safe to listen to in front of my parents. The song knocked through the summer of ’92 and became a staple of any kid or teen or college campus. They dropped a second album in 1994 and even made an appearance at my high school — Detroit Renaissance HS — as apart of their tour. My friend Demetria got an autograph from them on that rather strange afternoon (pictured to the left). They actually had more hits than Jump (see: Tonight’s The Night, Warm It Up, Chris, and I Missed The Bus for starters), but for anyone who is between 28 and 35, Jump will always have you thinking about those Jr. High or High School days.

It sucks that it turns out that his death, which I’d assumed was due to his multitude of health issues, was (according to his mother via the Associated Press) caused by a drug overdose:

Much like I said after Whitney Houston died, and even 10 years ago when we lost Rick James after years of drug use: Man, F— Drugs. I’m not sure what dude was wrestling with in his life, but Coke & Heroin is a recipe for disaster. Dead at 34, which is how old I’ll be in September. Good grief, man. I was just talking to DJ Cutt-Nice last week about how we never got a Gang Starr reunion album because of Guru’s death. Run D.M.C. went into the Hall of Fame minus Jam Master Jay. We’ll never know if NWA would’ve ever had one more go-round after we lost Eazy E in 1995. Lest we even mention that we’ll never know what kind of damage the D.I.T.C. crew could’ve done if we still had Big L. They say “The Good Die Young.” It’s a damn shame. Thoughts and prayers to Chris Kelly’s family. Take Care of Yourselves out there and Feel free to Jump with me one more time.

Have a great weekend, people. Stay Safe. Be sure to tell a friend about #JSC.

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