#TBT on #JSC (May 23, 2013): Stress Relief

 They say Pressure Makes Diamonds, but it also busts pipes…

DETROIT (JSC) Greetings people. This has been a tough, strange week ’round these parts. Many of those matters either cannot or will not be addressed here, but just know it’s been an interesting mess. It’s another Thursday and it’s time for #TBTonJSC and of all the things I love about throwing it back with my 90s Hip-Hop steez is pulling out the obscure joints from the early and mid-90s. This week’s gem is a personal favorite of mine going back to 1994 by a group called the Boogiemonsters. They were a dope collective from Brooklyn who made one song that stuck out as much for it’s dopeness as it did for its ridiculously long name: The Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress. In a week where I’ve had to chase someone around for money I’m owed, chase down interviews, and hold on to my sanity, this song is right on time. So for this week’s #TBT, we’re relieving a little stress. Let’s Go.

FallingDownWe all have stress in our lives in some way shape or form. How you handle it is always key. We can’t just spazz out and have a Michael Douglass “Falling Down” moment. I’ve been combatting stress by getting back in the batting cage and in the gym. At this rate, I’m gonna be diesel status and my legs are gonna have more knots in them than a giant pretzel. Music is a great outlet as well. As rough as my days have been lately, certain songs just find a way to speak to me. I noted on Twitter a few days ago that you cannot listen to Stevie Wonder’s “My Eyes Don’t Cry” and not feel better about the world around you. Everybody needs that release.

With that I mind I present this song to you as well as hoping that over this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, you enjoy every inch of freedom you may have the next few days. I’m gonna be hitting some weights, baseballs, and doing a lot of soul searching. Be easy out there people and don’t let the stress of live put the squeeze on your ass.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, people. If you’re in Detroit or Chicago, PLEASE Stay Safe. Be sure to tell a friend about #JSC.

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