JSC Radio Ep. 56: #RetroReview – Survivor Series 1997

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) —  What’s good people! 

As you recall, back in August, Episode 48 was the first official #RetroReviewwhich took a look back at SummerSlam 1997. Nothing like looking at something you were into as a teenager as a 37-year-old! Also, as you know, there will be a quarterly show like this that reviews one of the classic “Big 4” WWF/WWE Pay-Per-Views: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series.

After Episode 28 looked at Ric Flair’s incredible win in the 1992 Royal Rumble and Episode 36 looked at my all-time favorite WrestleMania matches, it was time to go all in and review a full PPV. And since I looked at SummerSlam 1997, I had to go back 20 years for the next Retro Review and this one was a monumental one: Survivor Series 1997. Yep. THAT one. And, yes, I will talk all about…you know what.

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JSC Radio Ep. 56 Blog BannerComing up on Episode No. 56 of JSC Radio:

  • It’s more than 90 minutes of Pro Wrestling goodness from one of the most problematic years ever.
  • 1997 Bret Hart was still the best Bret Hart.
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return to the ring was more miraculous than you could imagine.
  • This company was a little too comfy with Homophobia and Confederate Flags.
  • Mick Foley was an underrated HOSS in 1997.
  • Ken Shamrock was a Killer.
  • There was One Damn Canadian on Team Canada
  • And, Obviously, I’ll hit on all things Montréal Screwjob, including Vince McMahon’s inner conflict, how the internet made it a monster, Wrestling With Shadows, and the aftermath that changed the whole damn game.


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Until Next Time, That’s The Way It Is. Saturday, November 18, 2017.

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