The Best of JSC Radio 2017: The Year That Was…

DETROIT (JSC) —  Happy New Year, you Filthy Animals!

After one of the more ridiculously arduous and strange years, 2017 has come to a close and the People’s Podcast was all over every weird and wacky part of it. It’s the Annual Best of JSC Radio show. Nearly 2 hours of goodness going over some of the top moments on the show in 2017 — From Episodes 26 to 60. So get ready to take a look back at the adventure that was JSC Radio in 2017.

Plus, you’re welcome to take a look back at both of 2016’s Best of Shows as well to refresh your memory on THAT!

P.S.: Please pardon my voice in the second half of this show. I recorded the first part of the show prior to getting sick. Going out of 2017 in style, clearly! 

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Coming up on The Best of JSC Radio 2017:

  • Kyrie Irving really thinks the Earth is Flat (It’s not)
  • Michigan State University authors a stirring comeback and a stunning cover-up.
  • Kevin Durant did it his way
  • We introduced the world to Jazmine Duke and Renee Washington
  • R. Kelly is still a trash human
  • The Detroit Lions Prove Hope is STILL not a strategy!
  • It was the year we finally refused to #StickToSports


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Until Next Time, That’s The Way It Is. Sunday, December 31, 2017.

Take Care, God Bless, Always Dare to Be Different, and G.O.M.A.B. Σ

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