635572777086188765-race150119lOk, #JSC Fam! For those of you who would actually like to reach out to me, here’s how you can do it:

I am RealJayScottSmith on Facebook (where I am VERIFIED)

You can throw me a Follow on Twitter:  @JayScottSmith (Also Verified!)

If you wanna Network with me, check out my LinkedIn. To see my journalistic work — because I am a Journalist too!, check out my Portfolio.

If you would like to help this page grow or become a sponsor of JSC Radio, hit up my Patreon Page.

Simple rules, because it sadly has to be this way: If you hit me up, come in peace and come correct. Any harassment, foolishness, or funny business will get you blocked and (likely) publicly shamed. I’m not joking.

Thanks for checking out the page. Tell Your Friends!

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