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Case Study: What We Learned From Casey Anthony…

2008 Mugshot

A murder trial that I had a passing interest in, hit me with a verdict that I REALLY didn’t see coming. Apparently Reasonable Doubt and Common Sense are not mutually exclusive to one another and a 2-year-old girl will never be vindicated. Casey Anthony: Hell awaits you.


No Apologies: My Take on the Black Class War…

Bernard Hopkins at the Mic

In the amount of time I was off doing sellout activities such as finishing my Master’s Thesis, Jalen Rose called Duke’s black players Uncle Toms. Two days ago, Bernard Hopkins questioned Donovan McNabb’s blackness (again). You guys make it so easy…

Mastering Destiny: The Road to Redemption…

On Press Row in Louisville

After a five-month hiatus to finish my Master’s Degree, I have returned to tell the story of how I got to this point and where I see things going from here. Basically, I’m back.

Goal Tending: The 2011 Game Plan of Success…

Happy New Year

So it’s the end of 2010 and it’t time to close out the year with some bloggage. Don’t worry, it’s not the usual “Year In Review” bullsh*t you’re used to. It’s more of a game plan for 2011. Well, mine anyway.

West Coast Pop: Observations from NABJ 2010

I’m checking in from the west coast for the first time in 20 years for one of the biggest networking/job hunting expeditions of my life, I check in with the sights and non-auditory sounds of NABJ 2010.

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