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Where the hell have I been in 2018?

So for the first time since April, I’m back here on the mothership to talk about the absurdity of my life, both good and bad, and where we’re going from here.


Flag Day: Tales of a Confederate Felon…

The Confederate Flag is many things to many people. The thing is, most of those things aren’t good and it took one final racist massacre to finally get it to start to disappear.

Flight Club: Getting Over Fear at 37,000 Feet

While on a layover in Houston between flights home from NABJ in San Diego, I decided to drop a quickie (well, quick by my often long-winded standards) about maybe the biggest thing to come out of my 4-day escapade out West: The fact that I took two planes to get there.

Growing Pains: Words of Wisdom from a Veteran Grown-Up

After an unexpected Hiatus, I’m back to address the youngsters (and Grown Ups with young minds) about what to do in order to make this whole adult thing easier on your sorry ass.

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