JSC Radio Ep. 51: 10 Second Runoff

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) —  What Up Doe, y’all! It’s time once again for the Podcast that never ends. Episode 51 is here and it ended up being a follow up to the milestone 50th Episode.

This week, for the first time since Episode 23, I was forced to go right at the man in the Oval Office over his comments about NFL players protesting racial injustice during the national anthem, and it was…well, not easy. But I explain that during the show. Plus, I get on Lions fans. It’s something for everyone!

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JSC Words of Wisdom #6: Fear fuels Success

DETROIT (JSC) — Good Friday morning, Everyone! As you can see, I’m checking in with you from the world’s greatest city, and a place I’m proud to call HOME! The city where JSC (and JS2) was born. The Motor City. I’m back home for Memorial Day weekend.

It’s time, once again, for the JSC Words of Wisdom, a.k.a. #JSCWOW. Yep. Even on the holiday weekend. This will drop every Friday morning at 6:00 am Eastern Time – and, yes, Detroit is in the Eastern Time Zone. Feel free to share this on your favorite social media outlet with the hashtag — #JSCWOW.

For this week’s Edition, we talk about the intersection of fear and greatness and how the former can either fuel or stunt the latter. Some of the world’s most successful people are driven not just by the will to win, but the fear of the almighty L. Continue reading JSC Words of Wisdom #6: Fear fuels Success

On The Clock: How The Detroit Lions Have Made Losing An Art Form…

You Would Think That We Would Be Used To This…

“You must never be satisfied with losing. You must get angry, terribly angry, about losing.”

—Richard Nixon

DETROIT — The Detroit Lions are the one team in Detroit and the state of Michigan that can galvanize the entire state. For the last 10 years, that has been akin to organizing a lynch mob. The Lions have not always been this horrible. I mean, they have been bad, but this decade (save for 2000) has been legendarily bad. It looks even worse coming out of arguably their most successful decade since the NFL-AFL merger, the 1990s, which saw the Lions post five winning seasons (1991,’93-’95, ’97) and make the playoffs six times (’91,’93-’95, ’97, ’99). That 1991 team went 12-4 behind the likes of Rodney Peete, Erik Kramer, Chris Spielman, Ray Crockett, rookie reciever Herman Moore, and some 3rd-year running back named Barry Sanders. They fell one win short of the Super Bowl, losing to the Washington Redskins in the NFC Title Game. Their worst seasons were three 5-11 years (’92, ’96, ’98) that were quickly turned around the next year. While the ’90s Lions won no championships (and just one playoff game), they were actually pretty fun to watch. Horribly Frustrating, but fun nonetheless. Now however…not so much.

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