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JSC Radio Ep. 61.5: I’m Black & I Have A Dad

A year ago, Jazmine Duke made her JSC debut to rave reviews. Along the way, she mentioned that she was writing about about her relationship with her dad, Aaron. Well, Jaz is back and she brought her father to tear down the house.

JSC Radio Ep. 51: 10 Second Runoff

Donald Trump decided to call the men in the NFL protesting Police Brutality and Racial Injustice “sons of bitches.” That didn’t go well for him. We hit the protests, reinforce why they are happening, Plus: The Lions didn’t get screwed and we remember “The Brain.”

JSC Radio Ep. 45: Cult of Personality

Episode 45 of the People’s Podcast is here and Jay is in a spicy mood. We’re coming after R. Kelly and Michael Vick in a special way this week as the show goes back into the Feel The Hunger Radio archives and pulls out the epic 2008 rant when Kelly was strangely acquitted and we talk about why Black Women are the forgotten victims in all of this.

Plus, Michael Vick, an actual convicted felon, tells Colin Kaepernick to clean up his image and gets roasted.

An Ode to My Dad…

Jazmine Duke, who many of you remember from her amazing appearance on JSC Radio Ep. 27, shares a wild story on Father’s Day of how her dad legit saved her life.

JSC Radio Ep. 39: Genuine Draft

The People’s Podcast returns and it’s hitting on the NFL Draft, the failed Fyre Festival, and Boston getting all racist again.

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