Where the hell have I been in 2018?

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) — What’s Good Y’all. I hope I remember how to do this. 

2018-05-04 09.47.28To say that 2018 has been a god-damned adventure is putting it mildly. It’s been one of the weirdest years of my nearly 39 years of life. I can say — without question — I have had more “WTF” moments (both good and bad) than one man should have as an adult. It’s been nuts. I’ve also noticed that it’s been three months since I posted anything on this page. I even fell behind on posting updates on JSC Radio! That’s how wild, stressful, and weird that 2018 has been. Some of this, you guys know about, and I won’t rehash it here. A lot of it you don’t so I’ll explain here.

If you haven’t noticed, this post is going to be very unfiltered and uncensored. At this point, if you’re jarred by a few dirty words, you can leave now. I sincerely no longer care at this point. Either you like me or you don’t but you’re reading one way or the other.
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JSC Words of Wisdom #5: Greatness Moves in Silence

Good Friday morning, Everyone! It’s time, once again, for the JSC Words of Wisdom, a.k.a. #JSCWOW. Reminder, This will drop every Friday morning, more often than not, at 6:00 am Eastern Time. Feel free to share this on your favorite social media outlet with the hashtag — #JSCWOW.

For this week’s Edition, in my industry, it’s award season and it got me to thinking about how often — and loudly — people go out of their way to put themselves over. All success isn’t success and all gold ain’t real. This week: Greatness often moves in silence. Continue reading JSC Words of Wisdom #5: Greatness Moves in Silence

Jay Scott Confidential & JSC Radio are looking for Sponsors

 ♠ Time to get this off the Ground ♠

Let it be known: I am a free agent. I do not have corporate sponsors. I don’t have no corporate backing. I don’t have no major distribution.
— T.I.
This is where JSC began in 2003.
This is where JSC began in 2003.

LAKEWOOD, N.J. (JSC) — I wrote my first true blog in the fall of 2003 when I was in Detroit. Yep. 12 years ago. It was on Xanga.com. I’m not quite sure if that site still exists or if it went the way of such extinct things as the Passenger Pigeon, Dodo Bird, Death Row Records, and MySpace. I just know that when I started blogging, I was about six months past my graduation from Michigan State and I was just looking for a way to express my damn opinions without the need of a filter. Over the last dozen years, I’ve managed to take the bloggage from Xanga, to MySpace in 2007, briefly to Facebook, before finally settling here on WordPress in 2009 when the site was in its infancy. The ill thing is that you can clearly see how I and this blog has evolved in just the last six years. Lord knows if I read some of the stuff I wrote in 2003, when I was 24 years old, what’s left of my hair would turn white. So let’s get to the point of this piece of business: I’m looking to grow this blog and the soon-to-premiere podcast, JSC Radio, and I’m looking for sponsors and ways to monetize this thing. I’m not asking for your “advice” nor am I asking for a hand out. Spare me your “Go get a side hustle” crap. I’m looking for people who own businesses who are looking to get themselves some exposure and grow them. We’re talking square biz to you right now. Let’s Go!

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