JSC Radio Ep. 52: Las Vegas

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) —  So, it happened again. But, deep in your heart, you knew it would, right? On Monday morning, many of us woke up to our news alerts having gone crazy overnight (or, in my case, in real time) of the horrific massacre in Las Vegas. 

This isn’t even the first episode that will address a horrific mass shooting — Episode 11 was the first. This one, however, is infuriating  for a different reason. A man was able to stockpile weapons, kill more people than died on one of the hijacked flights on Sept. 11, 2001, rack up a number of casualties that rivals that of the Oklahoma City bombing, and then kill himself before facing consequences. Yet, this still doesn’t seem to be enough to force any sort of change.

This week, a monologue on Las Vegas, gun control, and when will this country take responsibility for what it has wrought with its strident love of firearms.

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