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JSC Radio Ep. 68: Balling for Dollars

Michigan State’s Miles Bridges had to pay the NCAA $40 for a lunch his family had with an agent. And that $40 is apart of the problem.


JSC Radio Ep. 39: Genuine Draft

The People’s Podcast returns and it’s hitting on the NFL Draft, the failed Fyre Festival, and Boston getting all racist again.

JSC Radio – Episode 5: WrestleMania

With WrestleMania 32 coming tomorrow, and me having a brand new podcast, I figured I would do the first of what will hopefully be many shows dedicated to Professional Wrestling. Not “Sports Entertainment.” PRO WRESTLING.

#TBT on #JSC (May 9, 2013): Hero Worship

♣ Believe It or Not… ♣ DETROIT (JSC) — Greetings, people. It’s once again time for another edition of #TBTonJSC. This week, we’re talking heroes. In the couple of days that have passed since Charles Ramsey became the most hilarious hero this side of Darkwing Duck,…

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