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Summer Madness: Detroit’s Dangerous Dog Days of Summer…

Detroit Fireworks

Another hot summer weekend in Detroit. Another 3 year old girl shot dead by a stray bullet. Apparently, Detroit does have a Killa Season. It’s called Summer. Let’s talk about it.

Crash Landing: The Detroit Lions’ Cruel Sunday…

Lions DB Louis Delmas Reacts to the OT Loss to the Jets

The Detroit Lions lost a game yesterday. That, in and of itself, is not news. The way they lost and the ramifications of it could be far reaching for a franchise, a city, and a state that is waiting to believe this band of misfits has FINALLY gotten their sh*t together.

Mind Games: How Mental Illness in Sports is No Laughing Matter…

Delonte West of the Cleveland Cavaliers was pulled over on a highway in Maryland with a 9mm on his hip, a .357 mag on his leg, and a shottie in a guitar case. This man is, by American generalizations, crazy. This blogs looks at how “Crazy” athletes are all fun and games until someone loses an eye…or gets punched in it and how what you think is “weakness” is actually something far more serious.

An Open Letter To The City of Detroit…

So the city of Detroit held its 4th and (presumably) final election of 2009. Come 1/1/2010, the city will have a whole new cast of characters, misfits and miscreants in charge, but I have a message for the newest additions to “Team Detroit”: The Clock’s Ticking!

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