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JSC Radio Ep. 70: Third Eye Blind

The People’s Podcast celebrates its second anniversary with a commentary on the “Woke” generation’s obsession with denigrating Bruno Mars. Plus we remember Craig Mack.


Forgetting Sarah Palin: Why Do People Still Care About This Woman…?

I have never really taken the time to put it out there about how I feel in regards to the former half-term Governor of Alaska and Vice-Presidential loser Sarah Palin. Let’s just say it involves a lot of thoughts about basketball, Jim Crow, and ducks. Let’s Dance.

JSC Throwback: Why 1996 Was The Last GREAT Year for Hip-Hop

After checking out a dope hip-hop show in Detroit last night, I decided it was time to drop my first throwback blog on JSC. This one, from 7/7/2008, is why I feel that hip-hop’s last great year was 1996. Of course I offer evidence.

Drake-ing The Shark: Rap is in Dire Straits…

I finally address this month’s young Rap Phenom, Drake, and his cringeworthy trek to the shark tank. And any of you Drake Fans have a problem with this, if I gave a damn about everyone liking me, I wouldn’t be writing. Let’s Go.

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