JSC Radio Ep. 61.5: I’m Black & I Have A Dad

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) — What’s Happening People! The Cause Speeds on Its Way and it’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a “.5” on you, but this was too good to get crammed into one show.

Initially, I had planned on this being the bulk of Ep. 61, but, because of #Lions, there was no way that I could give this interview its proper justice by having it tied to Jim Caldwell. Ep. 61.5 needed to stand on its own.

This week, we welcome JSC Contributor Jazmine Duke back to the show. She made a very notable appearance on the show a year ago and this time she’s back with her father, Aaron, with whom she co-wrote a book called I’m Black and I Have A Dad. She has also previously written on this site on Father’s Day last year, telling a story about how her dad legit saved her life

Aaron Duke, is more than Jazmine’s dad. He’s a retired U.S. Marine, a self-made man, and after listening to this show, you will see where Jaz gets it from in terms of their raw and outspoken nature. The interview is nearly an hour long and if you’re one of those people who pucker up at the talk of racism and sexism…then you need to grow up and put on your big boy pants because it’s gonna get woke in here.

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Coming up on Episode No. 61.5 of JSC Radio:

  • Jazmine and her Dad recount life in Minnesota including chopping wood and laying sheet rock.
  • How did an old school Black Marine raise a Feminist?
  • How the fight for gender equality and racial equality go hand in hand.
  • On the advice he gave Jazmine as a young girl.
  • Despite their really tight bond, they don’t agree on everything.
  • What it was like being the product of an interracial relationship.
  • How did they manage to bridge the generational gap?

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Until Next Time, That’s The Way It Is. Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

Take Care, God Bless, Always Dare to Be Different, and (especially today) G.O.M.A.B. Σ

JSC Radio Ep. 60: Joyeux Noël

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) —  What’s Good People! Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah! Happy(?) Kwanzaa. That’s right y’all. It’s Episode 60 — SIXTY! — and it is the second annual Christmas episode.

Much like last year’s inaugural Christmas show, This is a show meant to shares some of my favorite things about the “most wonderful time of the year.” Plus, we look back on the rough year that has been 2017, where people have been the worst. It’s time, as we head into 2018, to start being better to people.

So get ready to Feliz your Navidad with JSC Radio’s last…ORIGINAL…episode of 2017. 

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JSC Words of Wisdom #11: The Importance of Taking Time Off…

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) — Good Friday morning, Everyone! It’s time, once again, for the JSC Words of Wisdom, a.k.a. #JSCWOW. As always, this will drop every Friday morning (except last Friday), more often than not, at 6:00 am Eastern Time. Feel free to share this on your favorite social media outlet with the hashtag — #JSCWOW.

If you haven’t already noticed, I didn’t post at all last week. No JSC Radio. No #JSCWOW. That’s because I did something that I haven’t done in ages: I was on vacation. I have spent the previous 10 posts using this blog as a method of motivation, reflection, and a little bit of self-care. But of all the things I talk about on here, the one thing I’ve been guilty of doing is not taking the time to rest and look out for myself. That’s what last week was for me and this week, I suggest that you find ways to do the same. This will be a lengthy post this week so pack a lunch.
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Unfinished Business: Why My Biological Didn’t Bother…?

♣ Ever Had a Question That You Were Scared To Have Answered? ♣

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.

— Pope John XXIII

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — As my 30th birthday rapidly approaches (September 5 is just 2½ weeks away), I have been very reflective about my life, my goals, my accomplishments, failures, and regrets. And while I didn’t think so when I was a teenager, I am certainly happy to have been raised by who I humbly consider the two best parents on the planet. Being raised by the combination of a teacher mom and a police officer dad in Detroit did wonders for me. I can modestly say I got my sensitivity, compassion, reasoning, and stubborness from my mom. My penchant for being a smart-ass, love for good music of any genre, appreciation for discipline, hard work, and importance of being a man come from my dad. They both have taught me to learn from the mistakes and failures of others, and wanted me to embrace my intelligence. I owe them everything. However, as most of my closer friends already know. The man I call my dad, is actually my stepfather, and that’s where the story begins.
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