JSC Words of Wisdom #12: I’ll Be Good To You…

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) — Good Friday morning, Everyone! It’s time, once again, for the JSC Words of Wisdom, a.k.a. #JSCWOW. As always, this will drop every Friday morning. Feel free to share this on your favorite social media outlet with the hashtag — #JSCWOW.

This will be a quickie this week but in these trying times in this country, this one is definitely needed. Point blank: People these days are assholes. Between social media, our work places, our political discourse, and just general interaction on the streets, people are the literal worst right now. The sad thing is that it really doesn’t have to be that way. In the very first edition of #JSCWOW, I talked about the value of Paying it Forward. At its base, simply treating people well plays a big role in doing that. Continue reading JSC Words of Wisdom #12: I’ll Be Good To You…

JSC Words of Wisdom #11: The Importance of Taking Time Off…

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) — Good Friday morning, Everyone! It’s time, once again, for the JSC Words of Wisdom, a.k.a. #JSCWOW. As always, this will drop every Friday morning (except last Friday), more often than not, at 6:00 am Eastern Time. Feel free to share this on your favorite social media outlet with the hashtag — #JSCWOW.

If you haven’t already noticed, I didn’t post at all last week. No JSC Radio. No #JSCWOW. That’s because I did something that I haven’t done in ages: I was on vacation. I have spent the previous 10 posts using this blog as a method of motivation, reflection, and a little bit of self-care. But of all the things I talk about on here, the one thing I’ve been guilty of doing is not taking the time to rest and look out for myself. That’s what last week was for me and this week, I suggest that you find ways to do the same. This will be a lengthy post this week so pack a lunch.
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JSC Radio Ep. 40: This is Sparta

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) —  Hey Now! What’s good, People! The People’s Podcast is back this week after my sinuses and allergies robbed me of my voice. It’s time for another milestone. Episode 40 — FORTY — is here, and it is the first episode solely dedicated to my beloved Alma Mater: Michigan State University.  

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Going forward, expect there to be an update every week when a new show drops — usually, but not always — every Thursday.  Continue reading JSC Radio Ep. 40: This is Sparta

Success Is Certain: Losing a Job and Gaining a new Focus

♠ Addition by Subtraction ♠

“What do you mean I’m fired!?” — Wayne Fontes, joking after his dismissal as Detroit Lions Head Coach in 1996
LAKEWOOD, N.J. (JSC) — I’ve been fired three times in my life. The first time was from a cashier’s job at Target in 2004. It was a gig that I took while I was in broadcast school at Specs Howard. It was a decent enough gig. I made a little extra money while trying to set myself up for my first job in the “business.” The day it happened, I was honestly kind of “meh” about it all. It was never something that I saw myself doing long term, but I was admittedly pissed off at the situation that was created to get me out of there. The second time I was let go was in 2008. That was from a radio station in Flint and I saw it coming. They were in the process of making changes to the station’s format and I was one of a number of people cut loose, including the program director. I charged that to the proverbial game of radio. Plus, I was in the process of starting graduate school at Wayne State University. This one was a net gain overall, truthfully. Over the next five years, I went on a run that saw me appear on NPR, MSNBC, and ESPN Radio, a run where I covered everything from high school softball to a World Series; from municipal elections to Presidential elections; interviewed community leaders to Olympic Gold Medalists. I felt, and still feel, that I’ve paid my dues and earned my stripes in this business. So when I was fired for the third time on April 1, I had to reassess and question whether I still had a place in this business and, really, what I’m doing with my life. The answer has been a resounding Yes. Let’s Go.

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iPodcast: JSC Radio is Coming

♠ I Got What it Takes to rock the mic… ♠

A lot of broadcasting, I think, is doing a tremendous amount of preparation and trying to act like, ‘Oh, this thought is just occurring to me right now’ – and speaking sincerely.
— Ira Glass

LAKEWOOD, N.J. (JSC) — I first became interested in broadcasting when I was 5 years old. Yep, 30 friggin years ago. My parents bought me this Fisher Price radio as a Christmas gift the previous year — using my superior math skills, that means I got it for Christmas in 1983:

This is where my broadcast career began. My levels weren't right back then.
This is where my broadcast career began. My levels weren’t right back then.

Yes. That’s where it all started. I used to sit in my room in the middle of a pile of coloring books and babble random words and stuff into the microphone and then be amazed that it was playing back. No, I don’t still have the tapes. It was 10 years later that I was a skinny, somewhat awkward 15-year-old who spent many a Saturday night at home listening to my favorite radio show: WJLB’s Rap Blast. The show had the simplest of premises: The hosts — Billy T & T.J. (then known as the “Troublesome Juvenile”) — played hip-hop (Remember, this is 1994, 1995, and 1996 we’re talking about, so they were playing the good shit) and had a lot of fun doing so. They had me hooked from the first time I heard the show all the way until WJLB foolishly disbanded the duo in 1996. The Rap Blast held such a place with me that it became the the inspiration for the hip-hop show I did on WQHH in Lansing 10 years later called Saturday Night Live on Power 96.5. SNL was essentially the Rap Blast updated for 2005-2006. We played a lot of music that rarely saw regular rotation, plus we gave rappers from around Lansing and the state a chance to shine and then the final hour we let rip with SNL Mixology. It was, by far, the most fun I’ve had at any point in professional career. It’s a high that I’ve been chasing for the last nine years. I’ve fashioned a pretty damn good career as a print journalist in the last six years — regardless of what anyone says or thinks — but while writing has been pretty good to me, my heart is as a broadcaster. That’s why after years on the shelf, I’m jumping in headfirst on this podcast game with the launch of the Jay Scott Confidential Podcast, aka #JSCRadio. Continue reading iPodcast: JSC Radio is Coming

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Hate Crimes: My Manifesto on “Haters”

You’ll Probably Hate This…

“If you are talentless, without ambition, morbidly obese, illiterate, or foul smelling: You do NOT have Haters! Some people just don’t like you.” — Carmelita Wingate. Longtime friend, from Twitter in 2009.

DETROIT (JSC) — I sit here at this desk as a 32-year-old Black man from inner-city Detroit. I have a small number of people I call my true friends. I have an even smaller contingent of people I call family. I have acquaintances, confidants, Frat brothers, Sorors, and people who are just fans who are along for the ride (thank you for the support by the way). I also have people who don’t like me, care for me, despise me, or even waste a nanosecond of their time thinking about me. This too is just fine with me. The one thing I do not have, will not have, and never have had are “Haters”. Not one. Nobody. I mean, I’ve had people who didn’t support me or what I was doing. I’ve had countless people who didn’t like me. Hell, when I was in Lansing six years ago, there was a cat that I’d never met running around Lansing claiming that I was bisexual and he had seen me in a club with a man. When I confronted him about it, his ass suddenly bailed off the other end of the phone and hid behind his girlfriend. TRUE STORY! I get it. MFers are not going to like me, and guess what: I’M FINE WITH THAT! Hell, I’m an acquired taste as it is. Not everyone is gonna get it. But here’s my issue, part of the problem with this country as a whole, and the black community in particular, is that we are too busy worrying about people who don’t like us. We crave their approval and use it as some sick & twisted motivator. It’s time to face facts: You don’t have “haters.” As the above quote says: “Some people just don’t like you!” Let’s Go. Continue reading Hate Crimes: My Manifesto on “Haters”