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JSC Radio Ep. 61.5: I’m Black & I Have A Dad

A year ago, Jazmine Duke made her JSC debut to rave reviews. Along the way, she mentioned that she was writing about about her relationship with her dad, Aaron. Well, Jaz is back and she brought her father to tear down the house.


JSC Words of Wisdom #12: I’ll Be Good To You…

Civility and congeniality are in short supply these days. It’s as if people’s default setting is “The Worst.” This week’s #JSCWOW wonders if people can try out being good to one another.

An Ode to My Dad…

Jazmine Duke, who many of you remember from her amazing appearance on JSC Radio Ep. 27, shares a wild story on Father’s Day of how her dad legit saved her life.

JSC Words of Wisdom #2: Success is Consistent

In this week’s #JSCWOW: The path to success may not be smooth, but you must stay consistent.

JSC Words of Wisdom #1: Pay it Forward

In the first of a weekly #JSCWOW series: Sometimes the best way to encourage yourself is to encourage others.

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