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JSC Radio Ep. 49: Staff Infection

Episode 49 of the People’s Podcast is the first the first Lions episode of the 2017 season. The Lions backed up the Brinks truck for Matthew Stafford to the tune of $27 Million per year. Yikes. Plus: Mayweather/McGregor and John Cena ethers Roman Reigns.

Crash Landing: The Detroit Lions’ Cruel Sunday…

Lions DB Louis Delmas Reacts to the OT Loss to the Jets

The Detroit Lions lost a game yesterday. That, in and of itself, is not news. The way they lost and the ramifications of it could be far reaching for a franchise, a city, and a state that is waiting to believe this band of misfits has FINALLY gotten their sh*t together.

On The Clock: How The Detroit Lions Have Made Losing An Art Form…

The Detroit Lions have gone nearly two full calendar years w/out winning an NFL game. While you digest that, I will break down why the possibility of the Lions going a full 730 days (two whole years) sans a W gets greater by the second.

Idle Time: Random Thoughts from Jay Scott Pt. 1

Been Kinda Scatter-brained for a week. Had a lot of crap on my mind ranging from my Beloved Detroit Tigers, to “Birthers”, to Brett Favre, to the Detroit City Council. Time for some Random Bloggage!

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