Updates: JSC Radio Ep. 39, The NFL Draft, and a last word on Ep. 38.

unspecified-1PHILADELPHIA (JSC) —  What’s Up y’all! So you likely noticed that Ep. 39 of JSC Radio didn’t drop this week. My sincerest of apologies are in order for that. The reason there was no show this week is because, if you haven’t been paying attention, the NFL Draft is here in Philadelphia. So, I got to put on my working shoes and get out in the middle of all of the insanity. JSC Radio Ep. 39 will go into more detail about my days at the Draft, but I will definitely say this: It was a really fun experience. Every time I get to cover something sports-related, it’s like going home. Getting to cover the Draft, on top of it adding another credential to the collection, is a chance for me to get back into the streets and into the swing of things. The atmosphere around the city the last week has been amazing. Yes, it’s a ton of people. Yes, it was hotter than a MFer by the time Thursday got here. But it was fun. It was cool to interact with other reporters and ask questions and not be anchored to a desk. So this week, JSC Radio Ep. 39 — which you can of course find on SoundcloudiTunesStitcher Radio, and Google Play — will talk about the fun of the draft, as well as get a couple of wisecracks in about the really dumb ass name WWE has given it’s new PPV, and throw some love out to my people at ESPN after the stunning blood-letting from last week. But before I end this thing, I want to drop a quick clarification on something from Ep. 38. Continue reading Updates: JSC Radio Ep. 39, The NFL Draft, and a last word on Ep. 38.