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JSC Radio Ep. 45: Cult of Personality

Episode 45 of the People’s Podcast is here and Jay is in a spicy mood. We’re coming after R. Kelly and Michael Vick in a special way this week as the show goes back into the Feel The Hunger Radio archives and pulls out the epic 2008 rant when Kelly was strangely acquitted and we talk about why Black Women are the forgotten victims in all of this.

Plus, Michael Vick, an actual convicted felon, tells Colin Kaepernick to clean up his image and gets roasted.


Case Study: What We Learned From Casey Anthony…

2008 Mugshot

A murder trial that I had a passing interest in, hit me with a verdict that I REALLY didn’t see coming. Apparently Reasonable Doubt and Common Sense are not mutually exclusive to one another and a 2-year-old girl will never be vindicated. Casey Anthony: Hell awaits you.

No Apologies: My Take on the Black Class War…

Bernard Hopkins at the Mic

In the amount of time I was off doing sellout activities such as finishing my Master’s Thesis, Jalen Rose called Duke’s black players Uncle Toms. Two days ago, Bernard Hopkins questioned Donovan McNabb’s blackness (again). You guys make it so easy…

Shot Down: Plaxico Burress & His Legacy of Stupid…

So Plaxico Burress became the second major NFL player to get sent to jail in three years. While the extremely bizarre and stupidity-laden circumstances that lead to his downfall may seem shocking to some and confounding to others, our intrepid blogger saw this day coming 11 years ago at Michigan State University. Don’t wear your good shoes.

Incomplete Pass: The Curious Case of Ben Roethlisberger…

Another Professional Athlete has allegedly gotten the wrong kind of room service from a hotel employee…or did he? Either way, Ben Roethlisberger could be in a lot of trouble and is also being held to a slightly different standard then say…Kobe Bryant…

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