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JSC Radio Ep. 55: Eat A W

One year ago, the Michigan State Football program was a hot mess in the midst of its worst season in 40 years. Now? They’ve gone from Ashy back to Classy with one of the more remarkable turnarounds ever. Plus: Jameis Winston’s a weirdo

JSC Radio Ep. 41: Final Destination 2

The People’s Podcast returns w/Ep. 41 and it’s hitting on all things NBA Finals. Plus, a follow up to Ep. 40

JSC Radio Ep. 40: This is Sparta

The People’s Podcast returns with its 40th Episode and it’s hitting on all things Michigan State: the Good, Bad, and Ugly. My Alma Mater is at a crossroads and I don’t run from it.

Hate Crimes: My Manifesto on “Haters”

Playa Hater's Ball Chappelle

People who know me well, know that I can’t stand those who rail on, and on…and on…and on about their alleged “haters”. You know, people who claim others are jealous of their success. And by success I mean working at Walmart. Well, I’ve finally had enough.

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