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JSC Radio Ep. 63: Birds of a Feather

It was all good just a week ago. Well, not really. It’s just gotten a lot worse. Ep. 63 was being recorded as MSU President Lou Anna Simon resigned. It went downhill from there.


Mind Games: How Mental Illness in Sports is No Laughing Matter…

Delonte West of the Cleveland Cavaliers was pulled over on a highway in Maryland with a 9mm on his hip, a .357 mag on his leg, and a shottie in a guitar case. This man is, by American generalizations, crazy. This blogs looks at how “Crazy” athletes are all fun and games until someone loses an eye…or gets punched in it and how what you think is “weakness” is actually something far more serious.

On The Clock: How The Detroit Lions Have Made Losing An Art Form…

The Detroit Lions have gone nearly two full calendar years w/out winning an NFL game. While you digest that, I will break down why the possibility of the Lions going a full 730 days (two whole years) sans a W gets greater by the second.

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