JSC Radio Ep. 47: Statues of Limitations

Episode 47 of the People’s Podcast hits on Charlottesville, the fallacy of “Objectivity,” and the perversion of “Free Speech.”

Protected: Transitional Me: The Joy & Pain of Rediscovering Myself at 33

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Future of Jay Scott Confidential…

It's Official

After a near six-month hiatus, I return to discuss the future of this Blog site. Considering that its purpose was to serve as a conduit for me to write in lieu of a professional gig, what the hell am I gonna do now that I actually have one? Well, read it and see, fool!

Fair & Imbalanced: Why Journalism is Being Held Hostage…

In the wake of Shirley Sherrod, The Fiasco that was “The Decision”, The Flint Slasher, and Fox News helping to ruin Journalism with its bias and race-baiting, it’s time to just say it: Reporters are in Danger. And the art form that I have grown to love is also in Danger. “Fair & Balanced”…my ass.

Flight Club: Getting Over Fear at 37,000 Feet

While on a layover in Houston between flights home from NABJ in San Diego, I decided to drop a quickie (well, quick by my often long-winded standards) about maybe the biggest thing to come out of my 4-day escapade out West: The fact that I took two planes to get there.

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