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A Postscript on JSC Radio Ep. 80

Episode 80 of JSC Radio was a game-changer and an eye-opener thank to two women who turned a tweet into a movement.


JSC Radio Ep. 57: Renee Washington

Renee Washington was a record-setting, All-American athlete. But now she’s chosen a new path, one that she says gives her more purpose. Plus: It’s Thanksgiving Week and the Detroit Pistons might not be terrible.

JSC Words of Wisdom #12: I’ll Be Good To You…

Civility and congeniality are in short supply these days. It’s as if people’s default setting is “The Worst.” This week’s #JSCWOW wonders if people can try out being good to one another.

JSC Words of Wisdom #10: Taking Care of the Home Team

In this week’s edition of #JSCWOW, We head into #4thOfJuly week with a message of “doing you.”

JSC Words of Wisdom #7: On Awards and Being Ready for Success

In the first edition of #JSCWOW for the month of June: If you’re going to be a success, you have to be ready when it arrives.

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