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JSC Radio Ep. 65: Flipping The Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl and Philly lost its damn mind.


JSC Radio Ep. 63: Birds of a Feather

It was all good just a week ago. Well, not really. It’s just gotten a lot worse. Ep. 63 was being recorded as MSU President Lou Anna Simon resigned. It went downhill from there.

Updates: JSC Radio Ep. 39, The NFL Draft, and a last word on Ep. 38.

JSC Radio Episode 39 is coming, plus I had fun at the NFL Draft, and I clear up a mistake I made on Ep. 38.

No Apologies: My Take on the Black Class War…

Bernard Hopkins at the Mic

In the amount of time I was off doing sellout activities such as finishing my Master’s Thesis, Jalen Rose called Duke’s black players Uncle Toms. Two days ago, Bernard Hopkins questioned Donovan McNabb’s blackness (again). You guys make it so easy…

Crash Landing: The Detroit Lions’ Cruel Sunday…

Lions DB Louis Delmas Reacts to the OT Loss to the Jets

The Detroit Lions lost a game yesterday. That, in and of itself, is not news. The way they lost and the ramifications of it could be far reaching for a franchise, a city, and a state that is waiting to believe this band of misfits has FINALLY gotten their sh*t together.

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