Forgetting Sarah Palin: Why Do People Still Care About This Woman…?

Whatever Happened To Bowing Out Gracefully?

“You can’t legislate intelligence and common sense into people”

— Will Rogers

DETROIT — Imagine, if you will, that you were the head coach of a basketball team. You had this unknown point guard suddenly show up on the scene. You signed the kid the day before a big game and you toss him into the lineup when you find your team in a 23-point hole in the 3rd quarter. You figure you have nothing to lose. This PG, gets on the floor with a basic grasp of the offense and runs the plays you feed him to perfection. He’s hitting teammates at the right spots. He’s running the pick-and-roll to perfection. He even made a killer 18-foot jumper off of an iso. Next thing you know, you’ve trimmed the lead to six points with that guard on the floor. Just as it seems like you are ready to make that push in the 4th to try to win the game, that damn point guard decides he’s gonna start running his own plays and goes into business for himself. He’s no longer running the offense through the post. He’s jacking up 28-foot jumpers with 14 seconds left on the shot clock. He’s leaving his man on defense. He’s trying to drive on three guys and gets his shot tossed. Next thing you know, that lead has ballooned to 28. Game over. You Lose the game…and your job. Ladies and gentlemen, this particular point guard’s jersey number was 2. The name on the back: Palin. Let’s get down to business. Continue reading Forgetting Sarah Palin: Why Do People Still Care About This Woman…?

Pardon The Interruption: Respect Takes a Vacation…

Just Because You Think It, Doesn’t Mean You Have To Say It…

“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”

— Jackie Robinson

DETROIT — I will be the first to admit that I have not always been the nicest guy in the world nor have I always said the nicest things. I freely admit that I have been an asshole at various stretches of my now 30 years and, as such, I know an asshole when I see one. Last week we were introduced to three different kinds of asshole behavior on three very different but public arenas. Each was egregious in its own special way and included a brand new face, one you unexpectedly saw lose it, and one of the usual suspects. Obviously I’m talking about Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S. Carolina), Tennis Superstar Serena Willams, and Rapper/Producer/Egomaniac Kanye West. Each of them acted like an a-hole last week. But there are varying levels of asshole-edness that were exemplified by each of them last week, and what better place than JSC than to break it down. This is a non-scientific analysis of the level of true asshole that each of these people exemplified in the last week ranking from 3 down to 1 (With #1 being the most offensive).
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Fear of a Black President II: You Must Learn…

♦ Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Step In The Classroom…♦

“An Educated Man is Always The Most Dangerous. Why do you think people try so hard to keep us dumb?”

—Christine Smith, aka Mom Dukes.

DETROIT — When I was in high school, oh so many years ago, every day before third hour  we would sit in class and watch this mini-newscast called Channel 1. Channel 1 usually talked about the major stories of the previous day and was anchored by a couple of familiar names: Lisa Ling and Anderson Cooper. It lasted between 5 and 10 minutes, and it was mainly a waste of the first few minutes of class. When we would have guest speakers in class, usually city officials or someone giving a special presentation, it would usually hold our attention for about 5-15 minutes, before we were off in our own world (I would usually be writing poetry, or drawing up football plays). However, if the President of the United States (who at the time was Bill Clinton) wanted to come speak to us, or  had an important message for the nation’s students, I can guarantee it would’ve been met with anything ranging from approval from parents to random indifference. Same thing would’ve applied to any of the other presidents of my lifetime: Carter, Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Strangely though, when President Barack Obama decided to give an opening day speech to the nation’s students about the importance of education, something that everyone not named Sarah Palin claims they are in agreement is a positive thing, it kicked off another edition of the fake outrage machine, this time driven by the right wing-nuts Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and the rest of the Republican Party and sponsored by News Corp and Fox News. And of course, thousands fell for it. Continue reading Fear of a Black President II: You Must Learn…

Gate Crashers: When Did Freedom of Speech Stop Being Free?

Freedom of Speech Also Applies To Stuff You Don’t Like…

“People demand Freedom of Speech to make up for the Freedom of Thought that they seldom use”

— Soren Kierkegaard

DETROIT — There was a very distinct reason why I didn’t blog on the entire crap-sandwich that was the bogus/BS arrest of renown Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates until now. Primarily, I wanted to wait for all the facts to come spilling out about exactly what happened. Anyone who is a minority (and a fair amount of whites) in this country knows that one of their great nightmares is being accosted in their own home by Police Officers/Federal Agents. That’s especially scary when they have done absolutely nothing wrong. Well, when the Cambridge (Mass.) police suddenly chose to pay Dr. Gates a visit after a neighbor apparently mistook him for a burglar…breaking into his OWN home…things were already bad, but who knew it would end up with the man being led out of his own home in handcuffs after proving that he lived in the house! Continue reading Gate Crashers: When Did Freedom of Speech Stop Being Free?