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Doing The Right Thing: My Beef w/Tyler Perry…

So Tyler Perry had a problem with what Spike Lee had to say about his movies, TV shows, stage plays, and other organized Coonery. Here’s my Take on this issue, and as you might guess, I don’t exactly have T. Perry’s back.


Pardon The Interruption: Respect Takes a Vacation…

So just to be clear: A Tennis Player, A Rapper, and A Congressman all make complete asses of themselves on national television in a 5-day span…looks like everyone’s back from vacation. Time for school to begin again! WARNING: This blog features gratuitous usage for the word “asshole”! You’ve been warned!

Fear of a Black President: How Health Care and Fear Don’t Mix…

In the wake of all the lunacy over how health care is “taking away people’s rights”, I just wonder where all this anger and vitriol was when President Bush actually did try to take away our rights?

Idle Time: Random Thoughts from Jay Scott Pt. 1

Been Kinda Scatter-brained for a week. Had a lot of crap on my mind ranging from my Beloved Detroit Tigers, to “Birthers”, to Brett Favre, to the Detroit City Council. Time for some Random Bloggage!

Gate Crashers: When Did Freedom of Speech Stop Being Free?

How the wrongful arrest of a prominent Black Harvard professor by mostly White Cops turned into the President having to apologize and buy the next round for saying what a lot of people were thinking…oh dear…(with Videos!)

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