Growing Pains: Words of Wisdom from a Veteran Grown-Up

♦ 30 is NOT the “New 20”. It’s The “New 35″…♦

“Maturity is a High Price to pay for Growing Up”

— Sir Tom Stoppard, British Playwright.

Before I get rolling on this, I apologize for going nearly three full months w/out updating this thing. I have been bombarded with so many things that this blog somehow got lost in the shuffle, which is completely unacceptable. So for you, what few consistent readers of this blog that I actually have, I greatly apologize and Welcome back.

Well, now that I got that shit out of the way, let’s get down to business.

DETROIT — It is June 10th, which means college graduations have already gone down and high school graduates are springing up left and right. First and foremost, Congratulations to all the new High School and College grads, with a special shout going to all the new Alumni of Renaissance High School, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University (BTW: “Alumni” is plural. “Alumnus” is the singular form) . This means there are a lot of new people entering an entirely new world, especially if you are from Detroit because about 75% of you HS grads probably have never been outside of Detroit for more than 5 days at a time. As much as my family traveled during my childhood, including: New York, Miami (3 times), Orlando (twice), Tampa (Busch Gardens), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Atlanta (twice), Philly, and Nashville, I never really got to know any place other than Detroit. So when I hit Michigan State’s campus for the first time as a student on August 28, 1997, it was a legit culture shock to me. Bluntly stated: I wasn’t used to being around THAT many White people. That was just the start of my growth, and today, I am hear to impart my wisdom of 30+ years of living on you youngsters. Let’s Go.
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Unfinished Business: Why My Biological Didn’t Bother…?

♣ Ever Had a Question That You Were Scared To Have Answered? ♣

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.

— Pope John XXIII

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — As my 30th birthday rapidly approaches (September 5 is just 2½ weeks away), I have been very reflective about my life, my goals, my accomplishments, failures, and regrets. And while I didn’t think so when I was a teenager, I am certainly happy to have been raised by who I humbly consider the two best parents on the planet. Being raised by the combination of a teacher mom and a police officer dad in Detroit did wonders for me. I can modestly say I got my sensitivity, compassion, reasoning, and stubborness from my mom. My penchant for being a smart-ass, love for good music of any genre, appreciation for discipline, hard work, and importance of being a man come from my dad. They both have taught me to learn from the mistakes and failures of others, and wanted me to embrace my intelligence. I owe them everything. However, as most of my closer friends already know. The man I call my dad, is actually my stepfather, and that’s where the story begins.
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