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JSC Radio Ep. 54: Lone Star State of Mind

The Houston Astros win the World Series while the Detroit Lions waste everyone’s damn time. Plus: Cardi B wins the “Spirit of Detroit” Award because she…does stuff…?


Pardon The Interruption: Respect Takes a Vacation…

So just to be clear: A Tennis Player, A Rapper, and A Congressman all make complete asses of themselves on national television in a 5-day span…looks like everyone’s back from vacation. Time for school to begin again! WARNING: This blog features gratuitous usage for the word “asshole”! You’ve been warned!

Shot Down: Plaxico Burress & His Legacy of Stupid…

So Plaxico Burress became the second major NFL player to get sent to jail in three years. While the extremely bizarre and stupidity-laden circumstances that lead to his downfall may seem shocking to some and confounding to others, our intrepid blogger saw this day coming 11 years ago at Michigan State University. Don’t wear your good shoes.

Incomplete Pass: The Curious Case of Ben Roethlisberger…

Another Professional Athlete has allegedly gotten the wrong kind of room service from a hotel employee…or did he? Either way, Ben Roethlisberger could be in a lot of trouble and is also being held to a slightly different standard then say…Kobe Bryant…

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