JSC Radio Ep. 69: Panther Power

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) — The 69th (:::giggles:::) Episode of the People’s Podcast is here and, it’s the long awaited review of the hottest movie in years: Black Panther.

Those who know me know that I do NOT buy into hype. At all. Think of the most pumped up, hyped up things in music, or TV, or film over the last 15 years. There’s a high probability that I likely either never bothered to buy in or if I did, it was moths or even years later. I do this because, honestly, most of y’all have terrible taste and have a habit of calling everything a “classic” or “the future” or “the greatest” when it’s often total basura. Black Panther is NOT in that category. This movie is the truth.

black-panther-ticketsBlack Panther is the super hero flick that we have deserved. It’s the best Marvel movie of all time. It has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. It is the best superhero film since The Dark Knight, one of the five best ever, and arguably the best “Black” movie of all time. Much like Get Out last year, this movie is a game changer, not just in terms of superhero movies, but in how we look at black cinema. Too often the last 60 years, black movies have been a zero sum, all-or-nothing game. It was either a serious biographical/documentary film, a stereotype-ridden action film, some stereotype-laden hyper-religious Tyler Perry flick, or some wild, wacky stereotype-filled comedy (or some combination of the latter three). Black Panther‘s a game changer, and I will talk about why this week. Plus a special shout out to Get Out, which we reviewed last year, that won an Academy Award for best Original…original…Screenplay.

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JSC Radio Ep. 66: #RetroReview – 1998 Royal Rumble

PHILADELPHIA (JSC) —  What’s good people! After a month of delays, it’s that time again.

As you recall, back in November, Episode 56 was the last #RetroReview, which took a look back at the infamous 1997 Survivor Series. Nothing like looking at something you were into as a teenager as a 38-year-old! Also, as you know, there will be a quarterly show like this that reviews one of the classic “Big 4” WWF/WWE Pay-Per-Views: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series (plus, later this year, there will be a review for the 20th Anniversary of the 1998 King of the Ring).

Previously Episode 28 looked at Ric Flair’s incredible win in the 1992 Royal Rumble and Episode 36 looked at my all-time favorite WrestleMania matches, and since Episode 48 looked at SummerSlam 1997, I had to go back 20 years for the next Retro Review: the 1998 Royal Rumble, the first major pay-per-view following the Montreal Screwjob.

The man with the garbage can on his head would be the biggest movie star on Earth 10 years later.

By January 1998, pro wrestling was still reeling from the fallout from Montreal. WCW was in the midst of completely botching the acquisition of Bret Hart, waiting more than a month to formally debut him on Nitro and eventually having him be apart of the completely messed-up finish to the Hulk Hogan-Sting match at Starrcade. Meanwhile, the WWF was navigating the residual PR nightmare. Vince McMahon was reluctantly embracing his dark side — which would eventually lead to him becoming “Mr. McMahon,” one of the all-time great heels — while ushering in the “Attitude Era.” At the same time, the company was trying to execute original plan that ran into a wild detour: Getting Stone Cold Steve Austin the World Title by WrestleMania 14. That’s what brings us to that night in San Jose, where the path to Austin officially being crowned “The Man” officially took off.

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