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Success Is Certain: Losing a Job and Gaining a new Focus

♠ Addition by Subtraction ♠ “What do you mean I’m fired!?” — Wayne Fontes, joking after his dismissal as Detroit Lions Head Coach in 1996   LAKEWOOD, N.J. (JSC) — I’ve been fired three times in my life. The first time was from a…

Price Check: Beat Writers, F-Bombs, and Media Responsibility

The manager of the Cincinnati Reds unleashed a tirade against a reporter that featured 77 F-bombs. The problem is, the only one who looked foolish was Brian Price.

28 Days Later: Trayvon Martin & The Fear of the Black Youth

In a week where I was busy doing radio, quite possibly the biggest story of this generation took hold of the country: The case of a 17-year-old boy in Florida who was gunned down because he “looked suspicious” and the feverish cover-up that followed. Now that I have time to speak on this, I will. Let’s go.

The Future of Jay Scott Confidential…

It's Official

After a near six-month hiatus, I return to discuss the future of this Blog site. Considering that its purpose was to serve as a conduit for me to write in lieu of a professional gig, what the hell am I gonna do now that I actually have one? Well, read it and see, fool!

Mastering Destiny: The Road to Redemption…

On Press Row in Louisville

After a five-month hiatus to finish my Master’s Degree, I have returned to tell the story of how I got to this point and where I see things going from here. Basically, I’m back.

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