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Where the hell have I been in 2018?

So for the first time since April, I’m back here on the mothership to talk about the absurdity of my life, both good and bad, and where we’re going from here.


Thanks for Everything (So Far…)

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your support the last couple years and to ask for a little help as we go forward.

JSC Radio Ep. 44: 81 and Done…

The People’s Podcast returns from vacation w/Ep. 44. Calvin Johnson gave 8 years of his life to the Detroit Lions, who did very little to actually win. He finally had enough and retired rather than get beat up anymore. Plus, we talk about NBA Money, The Farce that is the Summer League, and Taking Vacations with #JSCWOW

JSC Words of Wisdom #11: The Importance of Taking Time Off…

Jay just took his first actual vacation in 10 years. Yes. That’s ridiculous. #JSCWOW returns from vacation and Jay’s telling you to embrace the time off in your life.

JSC Words of Wisdom #10: Taking Care of the Home Team

In this week’s edition of #JSCWOW, We head into #4thOfJuly week with a message of “doing you.”

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