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JSC Radio Ep. 54: Lone Star State of Mind

The Houston Astros win the World Series while the Detroit Lions waste everyone’s damn time. Plus: Cardi B wins the “Spirit of Detroit” Award because she…does stuff…?


JSC Radio Ep. 53: Doing It For TV

JSC TV is coming and I’m not sure the world is ready for it. Plus, the Detroit Pistons can’t fill a brand new arena and the Spartans beat Michigan again.

JSC Radio Ep. 39: Genuine Draft

The People’s Podcast returns and it’s hitting on the NFL Draft, the failed Fyre Festival, and Boston getting all racist again.

Random Thoughts: Zimmerman Gets Shot, Brady Gets Popped, & Daniel Bryan is Out

On this edition of Random Thoughts: George Zimmerman gets shot, Tom Brady’s balls get him suspended, and Daniel Bryan is hurt again.

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