JSC Voice

2018-05-04 09.47.28Hey, Everyone. I want to introduce you to my newest venture: JSC Voice.

That’s right! Not only am I a writer, producer, radio and TV host, and podcaster…I can also be the voice of your next campaign!

Jay Scott Smith is a 15-year radio veteran who offers a full range of voice-over services including commercials, public service announcements, and promos for radio, television, internet and related media.

I’m also available for animation and video games, audiobooks, documentaries, corporate or industrial presentations, training or educational videos, TV and radio imaging, phone and voice message systems, and — of course — podcasts!

I can not only voice your next commercial, PSA, promo, or image campaign. I can also produce and edit your podcast, especially of you’re just starting out and need some help getting that signature sound.

Check out a sample of that JSC Sound that you can add to your next campaign.

Rates vary by what you need, but start as low as $25 for imaging. For more information, e-mail me at JayScottSmith@outlook.com.




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